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BBC Radio Norfolk

Hi, I am Roy Waller with BBC radio, Norfolk. I am here today because of my telephone book challenge. As you all probably know that I am going to be Sheriff of Norwich in May, so they all thought, Oh, come under horses let’s get Roy riding a horse. They know that I am terrified of them, I know that I don’t like them but let’s go and make them do it.
“Alright, come on, what should I be prepared of, what have I got to do?”
“Well today, what we are going to do is, we are going to give you a bit of riding lesson on ILPH Stella who is very friendly and very used to people who aren’t very happy around horses. So I am sure you’d be fine.”
“Come on then, let’s take a look at that this sweet horse thing.”


Roy Waller rides a horse for BBC Radio Norfolk

“Stella, Good morning! I am Roy, I don’t know too much about riding horses. Would you be gentle with me?”
[Horse neighs]
“Thank You”
“Here comes the saddle.”
“Does it rub…. _____”
“It’s a very comfortable saddle.”
“We are going to put the saddle on you there.”[ad#horse-back-below]
“Okay, then got the girth, the most important part, keeps the saddle on her.”
I was very apprehensive and nervous. I have not had a great liking for horses and to go up on top of one of them, oh no, this is not me but the thing is I saw Stella, she looked very docile, thank goodness. I was reassured that she was a nice horse.
“Now what you need to do is you need to pick up the reins in the left hand.”
” Okay?”
“And then you need to bring your right hand holds her about here.”
“Now you need to put your left foot into the stirrup and what you need to do is need to make a bit of a pounce to come over, sort of spring over.”
“Okay, you can help her put in front of the saddle as well with your left hand.”
“Okay, and then hop.”
“And then leg over.”
“That’s it, leg over”
“She got me gum.”
“That’s it, that’s it.”
And once I got in the ring and got on top of that, the activity was mounting the horse and getting on to it. It was good, I enjoyed it.
“No, you think it’s been too _____ “
“Well I better go back to get off.”
“It was getting off, the problem where you have nothing to get on, so you just swing your legs over and with all due to respect to the horse’ has got a large bottom and if you have to get your leg over that.”
“From the side”
“How do you do it?”
“This way”
“That’s it, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it, there. Oh that!”
“Well done”
“Oh boy, that took a lot more than riding.”
“No that was good.”
“Thank you very much”
“Stella has actually been fully rehabilitated by the ILPH now. She is ready to go to her new home. What do you think of kind of work that the ILPH does with horses like Stella.”
“Absolutely brilliant, the way things are self-supporting. Horses come in here, they’ve got over a 100 horses here at the moment, they need the money, they restore them back to full fitness and then they are rehomed again. I think that’s absolutely brilliant and you think what would have happened to them if they hadn’t brought here. Stella is a prime example, came in, was very poorly, restored her back to health again and you would think there is nothing wrong with her which there isn’t. And she can now go out and go to a really nice home.”