Horse Antics
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Horse Antics

It’s hard to believe, but before the invention of the cart, this is how people used to get around. Horses with tails are seen as bad luck in some parts of Russia, unfortunately the simple medical procedure to remove them is costly so many peasants and the more stupid members of the Russian military the only option is to yank the tale of with a stationary car. Other more human methods involve tying the tail to door handle and slamming the door or getting the horse drunk and using a simple claw hammer to prize it off. Once it’s popped off, the horse normally deflates like a lylo, and the peasant can just hang it on the back of a door as if it were a coat. The tails themselves are used for many things like horse-tail soup or horse-tail radish source. Job well done but don’t worry about the nag, they tell me it’s in a stable condition.

Freaky Lizard
Northern Australia is a hot bed of exotic animals, including the frilled lizard. The frill is that rough like collar it uses to bluff its enemies like feral cats. Now here’s the frill at half staff.