Horse Back Archery
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Horse Back Archery

I am making a documentary on people who make documentaries.
“You are here, okay!”
“That’s almost Hungarian”
“Almost! What is it?”
That’s Hungarian, but it’s made in China so it really can’t be Hungarian. [Laughs]
“Yeah! It’s a.. it’s um.. it’s a.. a navy.”

You sure got your eye on swords. You wait until you get your Samurai sword. You guys can have real duels man.
“Yeah I know.”
“It’s all Chinese stuff.”
“Yeah, but it’s all good about it.”
“I mean I should be wearing that ____”
“Oh yeah, you look like a samurai dude.”
“It’s a bit big.”[ad#horse-back-below]
“It’s Okay”
“Is it heavy?”
“A bit”
“Could I try it on?”
“You fight with this hand. Yeah”
“Turn around Ren, walk around.”
“Oh cool”
“Tie it up”
“Look at this guy. Oh you are total awesome Hungarian guy. Really cool, cool glasses. Those are Calvin Klein from Mongolia. Glasses, wow!”
“Here, let me see ya Ren. Yeah, looks good.”
“My head’s a bit heavy, it’s gonna fall backwards.”
“Hey, turn around.”
“Sideways Ren, okay! I know.”
“You’re walking.”
“Yeah! No, he can get on Jijin.”
“Do you want? I can guide you.”
“He was riding before that’s what he offered.”
“I would be fine. Thanks for that. We’d be fine. We’re just gonna ..”
“He won’t forget on the course.”
“No, that’s okay”
“He’s scared of you there.”
“Shh, it’s okay”
”More or less?”
“Yeah, that should be fine.”
“Is that it?”
“Line up, start walking in a big circle. Then, you first, you guys, guys, guys. Let’s start. Let’s do a big circle. Mataya, he’s gonna stand up. Hey Morty, come.”
“Save his neck, ha ha”
“Yaa Huh”
“Come on”
[Fighting cries and sticks clashing]
“Alright, come guys closer.”
[Fighting cries and sticks clashing]
“Ok, then, go.”
“Just walking and shooting. Nice and slow. Make sure you hit the target. Okay?”
“Don’t miss. If you do, you are going to be shot down.”
“Keep the distance.”
“Keep shooting.”
“Just pitch in”
[Shooting and striking sounds]
“Wonderful! Next”
“Am I doing in one shoot? Come.”
“You are going to do the same thing again but at a canter and then at a run. Whatever the different ones that you do…”
“Okay, yeah”
“Try to canter.”
“Okay, yeah”
“Ren, let her go. That’s how fast I was going.”
“Does it speed up, ‘cause I’m getting too close to you, in this shot. It looks great by the way, it looks awesome what you guys are doing.”
“Okay, so let’s .. “
“I wanna try it. I brought one of my recor as well.”
“Okay, so .. what happen..”
“Alps, oh my god! Jump!”
“You are so weak.”
“Again, I’ll do it, it’s too much weight with all my sweater on.”
“Okay, jump. Eh… eh”
“Whoa, whoa”
“Okay, here’s your (interrupts, “cap”) uniform. Okay?”
“Right! Run, whee ya”
“Guys, you are gonna hang up on that side.”
“So we are gonna warm up for umm… horseback archery, okay. Hold your bow and arrorws.”
“Ok, ok”
“So, you are gonna shoot this one here, ok?”
“Don’t blame it on me. He walks over, farts beside me and leaves.”
“And what else beside you, can’t even tell.”
“Let’s rock the horse. Now imagine you are riding a real horse, okay? Balance, balance, ride a horse, ride a horse. Imagine that you are riding a horse, okay?”
“Good, come on make him barely shoot”
“Nice and easy, okay.”
“I am behind this stinking butt.”
“Huh, it’s not easy, huh?”
“My turn.”
“Okay, rock him. Come on guys. Rock him, rock him. Sure, that’s nice.”
“Oh, sucks.”
“Get ready. Better be on line. You ready? Look and shoot.”
[Arrows flying]
[Cheering and celebrating sounds]