Horseback Riding with Malibu Riders
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Horseback Riding with Malibu Riders

A lot of people think that a hybrid car is the best way to save on gas this summer but we here in Mahalo Daily have found an even more efficient mode of transportation – a horse. Let’s check it out.
All right we are here now with Laura Toston from Malibu Riders who is going to tell us a little bit about how to maintain and ride a horse.

“ Laura what shall we do first?”
“Ummm… let’s start grooming, we’ll get them ready for the show.”
“First you are gonna start of with the brush.”
“You brush the forelocks, the harder you brush, the better. It feels good, see, she’s falling asleep.”
“This doesn’t hurt the horse?”
“No, they love it out, I mean you can rip it out”
“Huh, wow!”
“And that’s even better because it brings out the tail a little and it’s not so hard to brush every time.”
“Come on put some muscle into it, don’t be so gentle”
“I feel like I am gonna hurt him.”
“ShoalaShe will let , you’d know if you were gonna hurt themher.”[ad#horse-back-below]
“ They bite pretty hard.”
“Oh great!”
“Don’t stand behind a horse because they kick. Usually when they kick”
“They are kicking at another horse and if you happen to get in the way”
“They’re gonna get you.”
“As long as you let them know you are there and you don’t just sneak up on them, they are fine.”
“They don’t like surprises.”
“Have you been ever kicked at by a horse before?”
“Ummm… probably maybe a thousand and two times”
“You learn it after a while though.”
“Is it…”
Next it was time tol earn how to clean a horse-shoe.
“She doesn’t really have any dirt. This is what it is supposed to look like when you are done cleaning it.”
“But see, they have no feeling.”
“Oh wow”
”You can’t hurt them so if they step on rocks, or they are on the concrete, a lot of people think you are hurting them and you are not. I mean you could cut probably two inches out of here and they wouldn’t feel it.”
“It’s a $150 to shoe a horse and that’s cheap. If you had jumping horses, it’s up to $300 on some of them.”
“And every six weeks, on 23 horses – that adds up.”
“Yeah, it does”
“Horses may be cute but they take a lot of work to clean and feed.”
This is a bale of hay.
“This right here is a bale of hay and inside the bales are a bunch of flakes. A lot of people give their horses flake which would be this. My horses work hard, so I like to give them extra. I’d rather let them have too much than too little.”
Next Laura showed me how to saddle and mount a horse. First put down the soft pad to protect the horse from the saddle. Second, place the saddle on top of the pad. Third, secure the saddle by tightening the cinch behind the front legs of your horse. Last but not least, place the reins over the head and put the bit in the back of the mouth with the chain behind the chin.
“So if you just stand back a little, put your foot in and hand hop forward, just grab the horn and swing your leg over. You wanna go left – left, you wanna go to the right – pull to the right and if you wanna stop just pull back. You wanna make sure your reins are up a little high cause if you are back here and you decide you need to stop you are going to be leaning behind all the time to get your horse to stop, so…”
“Good to know”
“What’s one of the most common mistakes, riders make like as far as positioning themselves.”
“They don’t put enough weight on their feet, so when they are bouncing they lose their stirrups and then they’re gonna fall ‘cause they don’t have weight on their stirrups.”
“So the best thing to do is to keep weight on the feet all the time, like they are about to stand up, without standing up. And then you can feel the balance between your feet.”
Getting on a horse, you must also have to get off a horse, so let’s watch the expert.
“If you take both feet out, and just slide and land. It’s the best way.”
“What would you say about the people who are still questioning themselves whether or not they should try horseback riding?”
“I would just take some classes and make sure that it’s what they want to do, ‘cause if they end up getting a horse it really is a lot of work.”
“So may be go out on some trial rides”
“Go out on a lot of trial rides, don’t just do it a few times and assume you love it. Just go out and make sure it’s exactly what you want and you have the time. They really need to get out and a lot of people buy and just leave them sitting in a stall. They are big animals, they need to get out.”
After Laura showed us how to walk the walk, trot the trot and even canter in just a small space, I decided that I’d like to try horseback riding for myself. I met up with Malibu Riders’ manager Chelsea Toston to take a shot at walking the Malibu countryside on horse back. Walking was easy enough so I challenged myself to trot.
“Chelsea, you think I am ready to try trotting?”
“Let’s do it.”
“You just have to stand up, squeeze up your thighs. Ready?”
“There you go!”
“Alrighty, we are trotting. I’ve graduated to the trots.”
“Oh it just a short trot.”
“It’s a short one, but we did it.”
“Yeah, awesome!”
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Alright, that’s it from Malibu Canyon. If you like what you saw here today be sure to rate and subscribe to our videos on YouTube. I am Leah D’Emilio from Mahalo Daily. We will see you next time.
“Chelsea, I am ready go back to the office. I am done. I am ready to get off now.