Olympic Horses - retired
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Olympic Horses - retired

The life of a race horse can be glamorous and high powered but eventually the cheers and the applause fades and they just retire away from the limelight. Most former race horses of the Hong Kong Jockey Club will find a second life in the more graceful Equestrian field. Here at Beas River, the horses are put through a training program that lasts on an average for three months. Under the careful guidance of riding instructor Tommy Kwan, the process involves basic training techniques such as lunging and loose jumping. Lunging encourages a horse to become more graceful and balanced. It is also a means to calm it down.

Tommy Kwan, “Lunging is very good from day one and that we will make him try listen to us. And keep the rhythm and we will give him trot, canter, trot, canter, trot and transition . Make him listen and after the transition canter we will make him walk, sit them down then walk, and after lunch I give him some grass then eat.”

About 250 horses will be trained this season, about 90% of them will succeed in becoming equestrian horses.
Stuart Mitchell [Hong Kong Jockey Club], “We have one program which is just a donation program where we send out 100 horses a year to China, then some other smaller shipments are in the South East Asia and some horses will go on especially Malaysia and then sort of compete at a higher level there with some members.”
For the South China Morning Post this is Melanie Ho.