Palio - Bruco 1996
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Palio - Bruco 1996

The jockeys hinder each other and make packs while trying to find an opening. They even change position to block the enemy. Then unexpectedly, the tenth Contrade comes from behind and the race begins.

It is fascinating, dramatic and even joyous when the winner passes the finishing post after three rounds. The whip is held high to salute the captain of the winning Contrade. Tension dissolves into joy and the Palio is lowered. The allied Contrade wave their fags in salute to the glorious triumph. Glory to the winner of the Palio of Sienna. The people of the winning Contrade celebrate. The Palio is a unique never ending celebration. As soon as it is over, it starts again, in the apparent lethargic winter new plans and agreements are made and everything starts again the following year when on the 2nd of July and the 16th of August, the Palio returns to Piazza del Campo to rekindle the hearts of the seventeen Contrade.