Poisoned Horses
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Poisoned Horses

We are high in the mountains of Southern Colorado, Pagosa Springs and we are just about ready to go meet Wayne and Cathy Justice, who learned the hard way just how devastating Fluoride can be to their, their animals. They’re show-horses, quarter horses; they’ve lost six and four dogs. They now know why.
I distil all of our drinking water, dog’s water now. We’ve had four dogs die. This is what we’ve got out of the distiller while the water was fluoridated.

90% of Arsenic in drinking water additives comes from the Hydrofluosilicic acid, flurodication chemical.
But you see how much clearer it got and it wasn’t thick.

Hi, I am Cathy Justice, my husband is Wayne Justice who is an artist. We raise registered quarter horses, we breed, show and play with our horses. We love our horses and everything was going great, until 1985 when artificial fluoridation started. We had no idea, that it was what was making our horses sick so we changed feeds, we did everything, had vets come out, we went to the end of the earth trying to figure what was wrong with our horses and it wasn’t until 2002 when my most precious Baby Doe died. Sorry it’s hard to talk about it. Six vets, two of which were at the Colorado State University, they had absolutely no clue what was wrong with her. Winter of 2003 – 2004, we had snow on the ground all winter long. That’s the first winter in many winters because Colorado has been having a drought. We had snow on the ground all winter long. But we have a 100 gallon tank outside and we do allow our horses to be horses so we keep them in the barn at night but in the day which is the biggest part of their day, they are out and they are able to play and do whatever they like to do. But when we noticed that that tank that we normally filled every day to day and a half was only needing filled every 18 to 19 days so we started watching the horses and they would even stand right there by the tank with a heated city, fluoridated water, looked clean and eat snow.
They were eating snow a big part of the day and we noticed that all the Colic stopped. Amount of Colics that we were having, we didn’t have one Colic all winter long and almost all of the symptoms where baby doeg who had all this Cushings’ hair, she shed all winter long. When it gets 35 degrees below zero a horse shouldn’t be shedding but she was shedding this excess hair. Anyway, after all this snow melted we have this little ravine that runs through our place and there was still snow up on the hill under the trees and this little, you can’t even call it a stream, it’s about six inches wide may be about an inch deep water, muddy water was coming down the hill and the horses would go over there and dig a little pool of this dirty, thick, muddy water and would rather drink that water rather than drink clean city water. My horse that I call Skipper, right from the get go that when he was born, second generation started with an attitude and he would try to bite me anytime I went by and he even kicked me one time and to the point where at one time I thought of getting rid of him, getting another horse. This was all wildliness while he was on fluoridated water.

We noticed that it didn’t take too long after fluoridation had quit in our water, that his attitude changed. He now is a lover, he is a completely different horse so I wouldn’t sell him or part with him for a million dollars now, he is a great horse. If hadn’t therehad to of been the fluoridation… Dental fluorisis and then the attitude problems that Wayne was talking about, cronicchronic coughincoughing and weasing, allergic reaction with skin bums, kidney problems, constant excessive urination and cancer. Horses on an average, a standing horse when it is not doing anything will drink 10 to 12 gallons a day. A lactating mare can actually double that amount. Ironic thing was that the horses that we had got sickest the quickest were the mares that were lactating. The mares that we had breeded. So my husband dug the mare back up, took her leg just below the knee and send it to Dr. Krook.

To summarize what we found in. One there is a source of fluoride namely the artificial sources of the community water which is the only source of water for the horses and the only source of fluoride because there is no fluoride in mineral supplements used and there is no fluoride content in the fertilizers used on the farm. Two, dental fluorosis will have clinical manifestations as documented by Cathy Justice in numerous pictures, hoof deformities, bones. Then we have chemical analysis of the bone as from a number of horses. We have xerographic evidences. Now we are upto 3, 4, 5. We have also microscopic evidences of fluoride damage to the bone tissue, also reported allergy reaction to the artificial fluorodised community water. And so with the evidences we have accumulated, there can be no doubt at all… and stated with reasonable scientific certainty that the Justus’ horses were are and are suffering from chronic fluoride poisoning.

It wasn’t until we got the scientific paper from Dr. Krook, the first one from Baby Doe, that I sent the Water Department a letter and told them that this is what you have done to my horses and they were totally appalled. Second meeting they were going to educate us, how fluoride was good for us and of course the things that they said were basically lies. The fluoridation of the Pagosa area water supply ceased. The citizens stood up and demanded that the Water District acted responsibly and thankfully they did. On a sadder not, Skipper, Wayne’s million dollar loveable horse died January 31st of lung cancer. He was only nine years old but that’s a predictable result of drinking Hydrofluosilicic acid, Arsenic contaminated water. What’s in your water?