The Path of the Horse
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The Path of the Horse

They carried us around on their backs for centuries waiting for us to notice that they aren’t here just to help us evolve in terms of mastering nature and moving around the planet. They are actually waiting for us to get to the point where we are ready to evolve to a higher level of consciousness, awareness.

I don’t really consider this horse work, I consider this your life’s work. I feel like the horses help me get to where I want to go. Not the other way around. They are already there, I can’t show them anything that can help them get farther down the road that they are already on. I want a part of that in my life.

Everything in life, everything that lives in this world has the same rights for life, for freedom, love, happiness and a horse gives these possibilities to humans, you just only have to hold your hand out.

Dare I actually say some of these things and reveal my true heart about, you know what I truly believe that not just they are sentient beings but that they have a consciousness and that they are spiritual beings. The more I said it, the more people showed up and said we believe in same things. It’s been an incredible journey and it’s just beginning.[ad#horse-back-below]

When I am with the horses I have to go very clear inside of myself, growing in myself, forget about the past, forget about the future, being here, being there, being conscious about myself, about the horse, try to find the path for destiny for next step and now the connection is possible. Now the horse is recognising a being, in his perspective a strong being without distracting enemies, so the horse now has to connect. It’s not the question of – if the horse wants or not. It has to connect with the person.

The next great pioneering stage that we are in partnership with horse is to travel into the wilderness of understanding consciousness itself and experiencing consciousness itself. It’s very important to understand that every single thing around us is a very important library with knowledge that can give us a greater vision of what life is about.