Wild Horses Kick Butt
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Wild Horses Kick Butt

If you are a wild horse, summer at the Praire Mountain Wild Horse Reserve on the Montana Wyoming border is as close to heaven as you are going to find here on earth. Winters can be harsh, but summer pastures are emerald blankets of eminently edible greenery. And if you are a mature male with your own harem life is full of rainbows. Now most of the time, these two wild horses have two social groups. The first is what’s called a harem social system, here, several mares and their foals are guarded by a single dominant male.

This dominant male is 10 years old. He chances upon a pile of droppings called the stud pile and this tells him that the other social group is nearby and that it is time for him to take action. The other social group is this band of young bachelor stallions, each looking to establish its own harem. The dominant male moves his harem to a safe distance. Then he makes his move on the intruders, even though he is outnumbered he is got the advantages of age and experience. His band stays put on the sidelines, then the dominant male kicks butt.
His aim is to assert authority, not hurt anyone. According to the ancient text, the art of war, a great warrior radiates strength, he doesn’t have to fight to the death and neither does this male. The rogue stallions move on and life is once again fresh grass and rainbows.