Wild horses
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Wild horses

This is getting out of hand here, the two stallions got to come outside because they are causing hell in there.
“Come on boy.”
“Okay man, okay boy”
“Why that’s one got already”
“No no no no, boy, turn around”
“They are trying to get the stallion out.”
“Here it comes, here is the other one. Now that’s two stallions out of your way, no?”
“It might be a bit safer in here.”
BBC wildlife

“Don’t know, they are gonna have a scrap out there in front of, in amongst everybody now.”
“He’s kicking at the ground already. Look out now. Hey watch this now.”
“Ahh… you get killed, let them do, I can’t stay like that”

The fighting tickles the ladies inside the cir…. in there.
“Oh there, oh, in front of.”
“She is up?”
“Oh yeah, she is up.”
“She is going rough, lady”
“I say, the ladies are always in charge here, right aye?”
All the breeding stocks are being passed by the Axmo society as pure breeds and have been branded to identify the herd member on the shoulder. What they got to do now is to identify each foal which goes with each mare which can be very difficult sometimes.

What they actually do is that they catch hold of tail pretty far and pull from the flock, then four five men go in. They are not harming the animal at all by doing that because that is the only thing that you can manhandle undo these because they are very very hard things, they are tough.

I think as most us were, who were taking away from the mum at a young age and locked up in the trailer, you’d wonder what was happening, wouldn’t you? But nothing too serious; always going to a probably better place than it is been living, I expect. Somebody would probably buy it for a driving pony and put it in a harness or something, I expect, and be loved to death.