Graham Norton Show
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Graham Norton Show

“Did anyone, anyone see the picture of the world’s smallest horse?”
“I did.”
“It is so cute.”
“Oh! I want this, I want this!”
“Ah! Look at that, there it is.”
“That is either the world’s smallest horse or the world’s biggest child.”

“That is so cute! Isn’t it?”
“Oh, it’s adorable. It’s 15 inches tall, I know .. I read it. This morning.” [laughs]
“Oh, it’s 15 inches tall and apparently incredibly popular in France because they can fit right into a bidet.”
“That’s disgusting”
“Two hooves are at the other end. He could eat like corn in the cob, lovely mmmmm!”
“Oh little booby thing, they are… um, somebody they will grow into a beast, don’t you think or no?”
“They said to 25 inches. It was born four…”[ad#horse-back-below]
“How do you know all this?”
“It was born four weeks premature and he is Australian.”
“Now really?”
“What about the child race, you know. Do you know anything about the child’s?”
“I know that he is 12 years old and he is regular size.”
“It is not funny, that is so weird.”
“That is so weird, yeah, and by the way Reese if you want to find out more about that story whatever you do, don’t type 15 inches stallion into your search engine.”
“Trust me, I know.”
“You will google your eyes out. Awful.”